Scleral Cover Shell Prosthesis

A scleral cover shell prosthesis is a thin artificial eye designed to be worn over a discolored and or disfigured eye. The prosthesis covers the entire surface of the cosmetically blemished eye, restoring its natural appearance. Our team of board certified ocularists strive to provide you with the most comfortable, cosmetically matching, and naturally moving cover shell.  There is no surgery involved to obtain a scleral cover shell, just a few appointments at our office.

To fit a scleral shell prosthesis, the custom impression molding process is utilized to create an anatomically correct and comfortable prosthetic shell. Most scleral shells retain excellent movement and display a wonderful life-like appearance.  Most patients will require at least three appointments to complete the scleral cover shell fitting and fabrication process. Although same day service can be arranged for patients traveling long distances.

Our board certified ocularists are trained to manage each patient’s unique condition, enabling the patient to maximize their scleral shell wearing time.  Patients are monitored on an individual basis with a customized wearing schedule to adjust to their new prosthesis.  This includes personal in-clinic training on how to insert and remove the scleral shell, as well as care and maintenance for the prosthesis when not being worn.  Most patients are able to wear their prosthesis continually, even during sleep.

For more information on scleral cover shells for blemished eyes, please read our blog post, “Prosthetic Eye Correction for a Blemished Eye”, found under the Blog Tab.

Scleral Shell Patient     Scleral Shell Patient